B-Squares Applications

ColorLCD_191x132 ColorLCD_191x132 Arduino Color LCD How to use a Color LCD with the Arduino-Square.
recipe_AAcharger_191x132 recipe_AAcharger_191x132 Solar Battery Charger How to make a simple solar charger for rechargeable AA batteries.
recipe_household_191x132 recipe_household_191x132 Powering Household Items How to power battery operated household items with a Solar-Square.
recipe_birdhouse_191x132 recipe_birdhouse_191x132 Wireless ‘Tweeting’ Birdhouse A solar powered birdhouse that wirelessly sends a twitter message whenever a bird enters.
recipe_robot_191x132 recipe_robot_191x132 Simple Arduino Robot A small simple Arduino robot with ultrasound sensors for obstacle avoidance.